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Ladderless Window Cleaning - Benefits

Demo of Scotklene's ladderless window cleaning service for commercial and industrial premises.Better cleaning

The nylon brushes used in the system have been carefully designed to clean the frames as well as the glass. We can use a mixture of bristles and or foam to provide the cleaning system best suited to the building.

Less chance of damage

With no scaffolding or ladders there is less chance of damage to the building and frames.

Cleaner glass

We use specially treated water to ensure spot free glass - no streaks or smears!

Less time on site

The ladderless system saves a lot of time on site. The job can be completed much faster, and we are soon out of your way.
This system is inherently much safer than using ladders, this means there is less chance of an accident whilst we are on your property.

More privacy

We operate from ground level, which means less disturbance to people in their offices. This is particularly important to those involved in important meetings.